What is Electronifie?

Electronifie (through its subsidiary Electronifie Securities LLC) operates an SEC-registered Alternative Trading System (“ATS”) for corporate bonds. An ATS is a system that provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers of securities. For more information on Regulation ATS, please see http://www.sec.gov. Electronifie received FINRA’s approval to operate as a registered broker-dealer on November 10, 2014.

What types of fixed income securities does Electronifie trade?

Electronifie matches buyers and sellers of corporate debt securities.

Who can become an Electronifie Subscriber?

Electronifie is a fair-access venue that allows institutional investors and broker-dealers that satisfy Electronifie's Subscriber application process to participate as Subscribers. For more information, contact:

Eric Allmendinger
Main: 646-517-6531

What are the benefits of trading on Electronifie?

Electronifie's unique combination of execution mechanisms provides for better pre-trade price transparency, tighter bid/offer spreads, greater liquidity for institutional-sized transactions, easier satisfaction of best execution criteria, and lower market impact due to information dissemination compared to orders left on other electronic platforms or with voice-executed dealers.

Where and when does Electronifie report its trades?

Transactions executed on Electronifie's ATS are reported to TRACE as required by FINRA.

Who owns Electronifie?

Electronifie is owned by its employees and individual investors. Electronifie does not have any broker-dealer affiliates or owners as investors.

Where is Electronifie located?

Electronifie is headquartered in New York at 330 Hudson St., Suite 302, New York, NY 10013.

Who should I contact for more information?

Give us a call at 646-517-6540 or contact us.

What is Electronifie’s mission?

Electronifie's mission is to generate unprecedented liquidity for corporate bond investors in our fair and open marketplace.

How is Electronifie’s marketplace different from other electronic bond platforms?

Electronifie has execution mechanisms that facilitate round-lot and block-sized transactions while limiting the dissemination of order information. We do not sell or otherwise reveal Subscriber order information or transaction data to other parties. Electronifie is a fair-access venue that allows any institutional participant that satisfies Electronifie's Subscriber application process to participate as a Subscriber. Electronifie is independently owned and does not have any proprietary trading or affiliates engaged in proprietary trading.

Who can become a Designated Market Maker on Electronifie?

Any broker-dealer Subscriber that satisfies our Designated Market Maker program application process is eligible to be a Designated Market Maker for a specified set of issuers. For more information, contact:

Eric Allmendinger
Main: 646-517-6535

What is Electronifie’s commission model?

Electronifie offers free subscribership, free connectivity and free market data. Subscribers only pay a mark-up or mark-down on transactions. Contact us for more details.

Does Electronifie provide rebates or incentives?

Electronifie does not provide rebates on transactions. Electronifie offers incentives to Designated Market Makers who meet their DMM obligations and to all Subscribers based on average weekly order flow volume.

Will Electronifie route my orders to other trading venues?


Who’s on Electronifie’s management team?

See our Management Team page.